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Ever faster rhythm of life and modern way of living gives us less and less time for ourself and our loved ones. We are more and more loosing connection with the nature, the part of which we are.

Therefore we have decided to offer you different alternatives for recreation and horse riding experiences and to present to you the East Slovenian region, whose genuineness has still not been reached by mass tourism, which is exactly what it makes it so attractive.

The starting point for our excursions is a town named Središče ob Dravi. It is located one or two hours drive from either Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb, Graz or Lake Balaton, as well as less than only half an hour drive from smaller cities such as Ptuj, Ormož, Ljutomer, Čakovec and Varaždin.

We offer horse riding and other equestrian activities designed and carried out with a great deal of personal approach. Various carefully designed bridleways will allow you to explore the region, experience the landscape, culture and lives of local people.

Horse riding can be carried out throughout the year.  You can admire awakening of the nature and first spring flowers, listen to summer liveliness and birds singing, watch forests dressed in fall colors and do not forget that there is also a winter snow and its cold peacefulness.

We invite you to browse our website and contact us, and we will organize for you an unforgettable trip.

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