Središče ob Dravi


Središče ob Dravi is a small town situated next to the Drava river in northeastern Slovenia, near the border with Croatia.

A Brief History

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Written sources first mentioned Središče in 1255 (just as Središče rather than Trg - Market Town), yet in 1293 it becomes trg (market town) Središče. Dr. Kovačič also concluded that Središče has become market town between 1300 to 1350, if not sooner. Archaeological findings reveal prehistoric settlement from the Neolithic, Roman coins, and remains of buildings with traces of earlier and early Slavic settlements. In the Middle Ages, the village developed around the castle tower, and was later destroyed by Turkish incursions. The Turks have here entered the territory of the present Styria in 1396. In 1433, Središče was specifically mentioned as the market town and in 1488 Barbara of Frankopans only renewed and confirmed the rights of the market town.

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